About Labelize.com

Welcome to Labelize. You obviously want to know more about labelize.com and we think that’s awesome. Here’s some info.

A bit of background

Labelize.com is an offering by Skanem. Skanem has over 100 years of experience in the packaging industry, and caters to big and small businesses across 9 countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. With Labelize.com we want to make top quality labels easily accessible for everybody. This is why, whether you run a small business, your home, an association or plan great parties, you are sure to find a label suited to your needs on labelize.com.

This is what we do

We make awesome labels. You can also call them stickers, because they are sticky and sit great on most things. Here, you will find some amazing pre made labels for products like homemade jam, beer, wine, soaps, gifts and more. You will also find cool pre made label designs for events, like birthdays, summer parties, work meetings, weddings etc. What’s more? You can also upload your own design or even create a brand new design.  Because the products are totally customizable, the possibilities are endless with variable design and personalisation. You can find and experiment with tons of cool stuff on labelize.com.

We want you to have a good time while you are on labelize.com, and an equally fantastic label. We highly value customer satisfaction, and do everything we can to keep our customers smiling. Please contact us here, if you have a specific query, and we will try our best to help.

The cool stuff

We share tons of great ideas, and cool stuff on our blog, and on our social media channels. We also love to see your likes, messages and comments. See you there!

Labelize everything that matters to you, and express yourself in new and fun ways!