Hi and welcome to Labelize.com.

We are a start-up e-commerce store where you can buy labels for any product or event with just a few clicks.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking something like “well, there are other places where I can buy labels, so what makes you special?”

Let us explain this in 5 easy steps.


1. We want great labels for everyone

Our entire team has worked with labels for several years, and we started our store because we in the labelling industry see that it can be difficult to get good quality labels if you don’t need very many of them. This is why we wanted to create a solution for small to medium sized businesses in need of labels, or even for private people who would like some labels for an event or a hobby. This way everyone can get great labels!


2. We got your needs covered

If you have an amazing label design created by some cool designer, you can just upload it, and bam, you have amazing labels.

If you dabble in cool design yourself, you can design your labels in our online design tool, and within a few days you will have them in your hands.

And if you want a cool design but don’t really know where to start, or have a cool designer at hand, you can always scroll through our label templates. These are created by professional designers and are fully customizable so that you can get your unique message on them. And the best part – we will keep adding new designs!


3. Our labels are of the same quality as what you see in the grocery store – and they are safe for food packaging

I did say that we are a start-up, but our labels are produced by the established label producer Skanem. Skanem is actually the largest label producer in Scandinavia, and the nice thing about this is that the quality of the labels is top notch. It also means that the facilities we use have several certifications, which makes the labels approved to go on food packaging. Important if you are selling anything edible, drinkable or that will go on someone’s skin.


4. We offer quick delivery

Now, listen. Labels are in most cases a customized product, and so they can’t just be picked off the shelf and shipped right away. They need to be made specially for you. This can take some time, but we know that time can be of the essence, so we make sure to provide your labels within 5-7 days.


5. We want to give you a discount code on your first order

We are very proud of the platform we have created, so of course we want to make it easy for you to try it out. Therefore we want to give you a 30% discount on your first order. Simply use the code qualitylabels2020 when getting your labels.

We also have to mention that we love labels and packaging design, so with this blog we want to inspire, inform and have fun talking about labels, so we hope you stop by here also in the future.


The Labelize Team